1st Round Playoffs: Golden State vs. Dallas

Welcome to the first post of my series prediction picks. Here, I’ll break down each of the matchups we see in the First Round of the NBA Playoffs for just the Western Conference. The Hornets aren’t in, so I’ll be rooting for Dallas.

Golden State Warriors v. Dallas Mavericks

The Warriors have presented the Mavs with numerous problems not only over the course of the 06-07 campaign but even in years prior. The main reason- at least this year- for this lies in the backcourt matchup. Dallas plays the smaller J. Terry against former Hornets star B. Davis, a matchup which Davis figures to dominate. If some of you old-time Hornets fan remember, back in 01-02, Davis faced an almost identical matchup against Orlando’s Darrell Armstrong, whom he thoroughly dominated to the tune of back-to-back triple doubles. I definitely see something similar happening early on, but the key to this series is obviously Dirk. As long as the Mavs’ star does not settle for jumpers against a much smaller Warriors lineup, drives often, and gets to the foul line, Dallas can easily make up for its backcourt disadvantage. Don Nelson’s knowledge of the Mavericks, I say, is relatively irrelevant because this Dallas team barely resembles the one he coached- even offensively.



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