Welcome Aboard

Welcome to the first post here on ‘At the Hive.’ This blog will be a tool to help Hornets fans all across the world to interact, assuming there are Hornets fans all across the world. I certainly hope so.

As much as the Clippers and the Warriors might despise it, we’re in the thick of a playoff race! This blog will document all the important information leading up to the games, during the games, and following the games. More importantly, we’ll be here for one of the Hornets’ most important upcoming offseasons in recent memory. Because, let’s face it, once we go out and get, say, V. Carter from the Nets, an unprecedented age of terror shall be unleashed upon the unsuspecting Western Conference.

This is the beginning of a new era for the Hornets- C. Paul, D. West, T. Chandler… what other team has not one, but three of the most talented young players in the game? That’s right… none! The rise of the Hornets has begun. As a long-suffering Hornets fan, I’ll graciously let anyone jump aboard the bandwagon; show your support by commenting. Don’t agree with me that the Hornets will be the team to watch over the next decade? Comment anyway, and be sure to check back once I’ve picked your comment apart like a chained wildebeest would a flying fish over the Atlantic Ocean.


5 Responses

  1. keep it up! i’ll be tuning in!

  2. Looks good! I’ll be tuning in as well.

  3. Thanks! That first positive comment is always so inspiring.

  4. I like the excitement! Keep it up. Im sure the nola.com forum guys will give you plenty of insight.

  5. Awesome…I’ll be tuning in myself actually. We will make the playoffs.

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